I decided to start my company, LIZ CAROLINA SKIN CARE, after years of not finding products that I loved and worked for my skin. The thought came to me on a very long drive I was taking one day when I realized that first, I didn't like the scent of the body creme I had on (I would rather not smell like flowers, vanilla or anything else), and second, that my skin still seemed dry. I wanted a high quality product that contained neither fragrances nor questionable ingredients...consumers can never know what is in the "fragrance" because it is proprietary information. Sometimes I couldn't wait to wash the smell off of a scented creme, yet I wanted it to help my skin. Yes, I had tried unscented versions of many skin care lines, but there was a very limited selection. They were either not rich enough, were too greasy or had a sticky feel, and often contained inferior or questionable ingredients in them. I've always been a label reader and was very frustrated by the options available. So I decided to do the hard work and provide fragrance-free products with high quality ingredients that felt great on and were wonderful for the skin. It's not enough to say that a product has high quality ingredients, but they need to contain them in the proper quantities in order to help the skin and make a difference. In essence, I wanted to provide a skin care line for consumers (women and men) that I would be proud to put my name on. However, I didn't want to stop there. I needed to make sure that the ingredients for my products were responsibly sourced, and that anyone I did business with, such as my label printers, also had environmentally sound practices in place.

As consumers we have so many options available in the marketplace that it is often daunting and confusing. The LIZ CAROLINA SKIN CARE line provides products whose ingredients are responsibly sourced, are vegan, never tested on animals, pH-balanced for optimal results, and are free of: dyes, fragrances, parabens, sulfate, phthalates, EDTA, gluten, petroleum-derived ingredients, and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives (all of our wonderfully beneficial ingredients are listed). Oh, and they feel great!! 

As a Nutritionist, I believe that everything we put INTO our bodies as well as what we put ON our bodies matters...healthy inside and out. I hope you try my products and love them as much as I do.